Certus Knowledge allows companies to communicate, interact
and track users in a whole new way

We build turnkey business accountability solutions, so, clients can focus on what they do best.

Business Accountability System Features

Communicate The Change

Alert users when a new process or program is rolled out. This is the first step in the accountability process. Users need to know what they need to do.

Make It Actionable

Once users have been told about the new program or process, they need to have an action to complete. This is often done with a solicitation, quiz, survey, or some other step that requires action by the user.

Set A Deadline

Set a deadline to let users know that it is important for them to complete the required actions in a timely manner.

Automated Follow-up

An accountability system automatically manages follow-up communications to remind users to complete the required actions before the deadline. Only users who have not completed the required task(s) receive reminder messages.

Seamless Integration With Existing Systems

Deep integration with existing corporate back-end infrastructure. Our accountability systems can confirm compliance through existing corporate infrastructure and processes.

Measure Compliance

All our business accountability systems provide real-time reporting, so, it is easy to know exactly where users stand in the compliance process at any time.

How We Do It

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Custom solutions. Leveraging technology resources.

Certus Knowledge designs processes and builds software solutions to communicate content to large groups of users. So, when it is time to rollout a new program or process to users and proof is needed that every user received the notification, Certus Knowledge is the right partner for the job. We've built business accountability systems for clients in the hospitality, telecommunications, manufacturing and governmental sectors for more than 22 years.

Clear, easy to follow interface design.

Our business accountability systems are designed to make complex processes easy for users to follow. This starts with the interface design and work flow. Every system we build uses a responsive design, so, mobile users have just as good an experience as desktop users. If the interface is clear and easy to follow, then users will not be intimidated by anything else that the system requires.

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Real-time results reporting.

Because our clients need to know what is happening with users all the time, every system we build includes real-time reporting and analysis. This includes charts, graphs, data files, PDF documents, and deep integration with data sharing with other systems. Real-time reporting enables quick decisions with the best intelligence available.

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